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eBank Token is an innovative digital wallet that stores your cryptocurrencies and generates daily profit through integrated revolution A.I trade functions.

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eBank Token

An innovative digital wallet

Store your cryptocurrencies and generates daily profit through A.I crypto trading. To perform profitable A.I crypto trading, go through our guidelines provided in and start making money.

About eBank Token

eBank is incorporated in Singapore


About The eBank Token Wallet

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eBank Token Wallet is an online mobile wallet used for the purpose of storing your crypto currency with profit sharing concept, service payment and entertainment, like online and online. However our eBank Token super wallet shall let you make profit (profit sharing concept).

6%-18% of monthly profit shall be allocated to your wallet. eBank Token uses Artificial Intelligence in the system of electronic price difference on different exchanges. AI-Crypto automatically buys and sells Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. Exchange profits and referral benefits will share certain rates with users.

eBank wallet multi-currency wallets allow users to store 10 major crypto coins: eBank, Bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, XRP, TRX, BNB and USDT. A wallet has 5 layers of crypto security protection. The technical team of eBank Token considers users’ safety top priority and provides a safe and comfortable usage environment for global users.

What is eBank Token (EBT)?

EBT crypto currency is the original token in the eBank Token system with a total of 21 million token. eBank Token is generated based on the ERC20 contract. EBT is used to perform various operations on eBank wallet. EBT is an intermediary to exchange between different coins as well as to convert profit from AI-Crypto. EBT currency serves merchants who support the eBank Token system. The platform shall launch a smart blockchain-based POS machine for global merchants’ use!

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eBank Token Wallet Team Income Sources

  • AI-Crypto intelligent Arbitrage moving brick robot’s profit (Note: Minimum deposit $100 worth of the above coin (per coin type) in order to activate AI-Crypto).
  • Own internal crypto exchange
  • Game
  • eBank Pay
  • Token exchange
  • and more...


Like, and, instead of keeping your token in your online wallet or exchange wallet, it is better to keep in eBank Token mobile wallet to make profit. This may reduce the loss of profit when your coin/token is reduced in the market. When the coin market price increases, you will gain more than others.

For example, you will receive 1,000 USD per month on average if you invest 10,000 USD in AI crypto. If you refer a friend to join with 10,000 USD, you will get 60% of what they earn. In this case, they will get 1,000 USD per month and you will get 600 USD per month (direct line).

Please note that you can start investing in AI-Crypto with a minimum value of 100 USD and a maximum of 30,000 USD. Let’s share profit and this wonderful thing to your friends!

Let's Start


The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread.

The origin platform idea.

Development of the concept and business plan.

Chief Executive Officer


Andrew Chan

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Chan is a financial consultant specializing in investment, a strategic planning specialist, as well as an operation management professional with highly of knowledge, experience, skills and personal attributes for leading businesses to success. Throughout his professional career, Andrew has been a forceful advocate of free markets as well as a strong believer in technology. He believes the mutual benefits from Crypto and Investment are at the core of free market economics.

According to Andrew, technology is the biggest industry of human development and progress. Thus, he often integrates technology-driven solutions to projects under his supervision to bring efficiency and innovation together to achieve the most powerful results. In several years, he has become an enthusiastic supporter of blockchain technology alongside various forms and types of crypto assets. He believes that this new revolutionary technology will continue to reshape the financial services industry, while at the same time creating an entire new image of opportunity and profitability for crypto and virtual wallet services.

As an investment management professional has made him an effective communicator.

CEO Background and accomplishments:

With an education background in strategic planning, financial and business management, Andrew was involved in a diverse range of highly successful projects and provided high-level consultancy services to many successful individuals in addition to countless local and international businesses throughout his 18 years career in the financial services industry.

Andrew was involved in strategic planning and operations management for a variety of companies that gave him a distinct advantage to having well developed skills and extensive experience in the early stages of his professional career. Since 2001, he has held a number of senior management positions, as well as Chief Investment Officer at Artradis Investment One Ltd (2001 -2006), Business Manager at TC Wealth Consulting Group Ltd (2007 – 2010), Fund Management Manager at Techip (France) Consortium (2010 – 2011) and Development Manager at Sinco Finance & Management Corp Ltd (2011 – 2017). Among some of his most accomplished works include personal funds management, investment projects, assets management and many other outstanding consultancy projects that were under his supervision. Andrew is also a positive member of the blockchain community in providing direct assistance to entrepreneurs, private secdtors and foreign investors.

With eBank Technology:

Since Mr. Andrew has been CEO of eBank Technology PTE. LTD, his main focus is on serving high profile clients and narrowing partner management relationships, and spearhead eBank Technology important projects and developments. Moreover, Mr, Andrew willing to bring eBank Technology and eBank wallet to be the global platform and he shares the same vision and goals as eBank and believes he could bring his exceptional management skills and experience, along with his knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to facilitate this highly structured, well-organized to achieve its long-term vision. As such, Andrew has full confidence that he could lead eBank to become one of the most established Cryptocurrency platform in Global within the next few years and his mission is top 30 token in the crypto market and reach 5 million users around the world in 2020.

Join us – Touch the future.

Have Any Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A;) are listed questions and answers commonly asked in some context.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) means software that after its initial programming continues to improve its performance based on the experience of the environment it has been set to ‘learn.’ Unlike in movies where A.I is characteristically portrayed as menacing, human-destroying droids, A.I software has actually bettered our lives in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, safety, transportation, and entertainment.
AI-Crypto uses Artificial Intelligence to identify patterns from big data processed by the program to recognize trends and autonomously process buy, hold and sell orders based on current market events. Once a strategy is chosen AI-Crypto begins trading on your behalf. It processes voluminous amounts of information and countless market indicators in real time to decide whether to buy, hold or sell at any given point in time and further checks numerous qualifiers prior to executing any trade. AI-Crypto executes trades without emotion, without prejudice, without fatigue and can trade relentlessly for days and months. Its lightning quick responses to changing market conditions cannot be replicated by human traders. Notwithstanding the significant risks of trading in a highly volatile market, AI-Crypto was developed to enhance your profit potential.
A strategy is a trigger that refers to the cryptocurrency you wish to trade. Once a strategy is chosen AI-Crypto begins to buy and sell that particular cryptocurrency in a process designed to realize trading gains.
The EBT payment system realizes the decentralization of currency and realizes the seamless integration of global currency and various digital currencies. eBank Token's vision is to make eBank Token Super Wallet become a future digital asset payment, global settlement center, and World Bank crypto currency. Real decentralization and memory may be imported into MyEtherWallet and other general wallets, blockchain transactions are open, transparent, non-fraudulent and guaranteed financial security!
Ether wallet and Bitcoin wallet can only store crypto currency assets. However, in addition to multi-currency integrated storage, eBank Token super wallet can carry out smart operations like exchanging mainstream tokens and especially making profit out of AI-Crypto. It can also complete socialization, consumption, and communication module functions such as smart contract games.
eBank Token official website:
A. eBank Technology revenue comes from the exchange of AI-Crypto. As long as the crypto market exists, the exchange happens and its revenue accompanies based on that principle.
B. Games
C. Exchange Fee
D. AI-Crypto automatically buys and sells Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.
eBank Token Super Wallet is a “decentralized” digital asset wallet of Cameron under blockchain technology, so transaction passwords are generated when creating their wallets to ensure the security of funds.
AI-Crypto will take the price difference from each major exchange 24 hours a day to carry out transactions. AI-Crypto automatically buys and sells Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT and realizes the quantitative high-frequency transactions to earn profits by earning EBT currency. Like raising an old hen, it lays (earn EBT currency every day) day after day, year after year, 365 days, daily income!
EBT currency may be directly converted into main currencies such as Ethereum at any time (0.3% Fee). They may be converted at any time without restriction. Income from AI-Crypto and dynamic commissions are settled daily by EBT. EBT issue price is 0.5 USD, and the future value is unlimited. EBT may be used to sell, hold or play games with.
- If the investor cancels within 30 days (from the investment date), they have to pay 30% of total investment
- If the investor cancels from day 31 to 60 (from the investment date), they have to pay 20% of total investment
- If the investor cancels from day 61 to 90 (from the investment date), they have to pay 10% of total investment
- If the investor cancels from the 91st day (from the investment date), they have to pay 1% of total investment

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